Blues History Workshops

The more we know, the more we get inspired. Dancing the blues can rely on specific technical knowledge of the steps, but a general knowledge of its History can add a lot to how we apply the moves on the dancefloor. These workshops provide both a general description of this History and rich in specific anecdotes and facts to complete the picture. They have been designed particularly for the dance community and address a long list of topics such as the social context of the dance, the effect of recording technologies, some musical specifications of the music and discussions about the modern blues dancing scene.


This on going commitment to nurturing an excitement around learning is invaluable. Quite frankly, I have very high standards and do not give praise lightly. I hold Mr. Lambert in the highest esteem and would happily re-engage his services whenever he might be available. I recommend him with no reservations.

Brooke Filsinger, T. O. Blues