Narrative Sculptures

This project aims at exploring a vision of story construction developed in my university years and personal research. In this case, this vision merge contemporary art, narratology and modern mathematics. More precisely, paintings are representing stories which structures are based on various mathematical theorems.

These stories come from a series of stories previously written for this project or they can be written on personal commands. Such a process guarantees the story would be closely linked to the futur painting’s owner through anecdotes, discusions or memories. It is then dedicated to that person. A written version of the represented story will also be provided. These paintings are unique both from their content and creative process.

the story representing on the painting will only be revealed to the owner. It will be to that person discretion to decide to keep it secret or not. I will also keep this story as well to ensure the authenthicity of the story owned with the painting. I keep all rights to the story itself with the rights to use the same story for other projects. The owner will then have the first artistic representation of that story. If the story becomes popular on another media, it will become an interesting option to decide to reveal, or not, the first version of the story.